Welcome to Car 333 – Three Little Pigs on the Bash

2016 Car 333 Sallymae Brendon

Sallymae Bailey & Brendon Morron

Variety Bash B to BThis is the adventures of the 3 Little Pigs and ‘Hamlet’ the 1966 HR Holden and the hot pink themed crew that has raised over $340,000 over the last 25 years in support of the B2B Brydens Variety Bash.

2023 will be the 23nd Year of the Pig with Crew members Sallymae Bailey and Brendon Morron.

Sallymae will complete her 21st event.  That is a lot of outback, dusty kms.  Brendon, a Kiwi will be doing his 11th event.  A big effort to come across to Australia and explore the outback and support Variety – the Children’s Charity. 

In 2020-2022 the B2B Variety Bash raised over $2 million net and Variety NSW in 2022 granted appeals to 12,505 children with 200 different conditions – 18 We Move, 241 We Learn, 52 We Care Wigs, 55 Variety Heart Scholarships, 617 got access to a Sunshine Coach etc.

Since 1985 over $250 million has been raised by Variety Bashers.

These funds are used to:

  • Provide grants – practical help to kids and organisations in need – equipment, therapy, technology, programs, supplies and Sunshine Coaches etc.
  • Programs that educate and empower kids in need – Variety Kids Choir, Alopecia Camps, Active inclusion sports days etc.
  • Heart Scholarships to encourage the talents of kids in need 
  • Experiences to engage and bring joy to kids in need and their families – Musical picnics, Variety Kids Christmas Party and Variety Livvi’s Place play spaces to name a few.

To donate to Car 333 go to FundRaiseCar333