A new pig for the roof perhaps??

March 23, 2011

Car 333 Crew is making a list and checking twice. Car is 99% ready to go, accommodation all booked, some sponsors confirmed and more to ask and get commitment and get those $$$ rolling into Variety to help buy hospital equipment, walkers, lifiting machines, wheelchairs, wigs etc for our special needs kids.

Individually you can donate to Car 333 through Go Fund Raise https://www.gofundraise.com.au/page/Car333

Crew Members – Tracy and Cheryl are both due to go overseas in the next few months, so by the time they get back in mid May it will only be 3 months until August 6!

Car 134 has offered to give us a BIG pink pig for the roof of Hamlet so that chould be interesting! Watch for developments.

Car 333 will be seen next on April 9 at the Camden Show. Look out for us!!!