Sarah’s Life Changed with a Wig!

Sarah enjoying a normal life

At two years old, Sarah and her family began noticing patches of Sarah’s hair falling out and she was diagnosed with a mild form of alopecia. While doctors believed that it would clear up as she got older, in the subsequent years, the hair loss worsened and by the age of seven, she had severe alopecia acreata, a condition where individuals can lose their hair permanently, for which there is currently no known cure.

The impact on all aspects of Sarah’s life was devastating as her mother, Kendra, explains, “When she turned seven she had lost almost all her hair and she was forced to wear a hat permanently. This severely affected her self-confidence and as a result she became very withdrawn; she was reluctant to attend events like school carnivals and wouldn’t engage with her friends. It wasn’t she received a special suction wig when she started high school, with the help of the Variety that Sarah began to get her life back. The wig, with its special suction mechanism allowed Sarah to go swimming and play sports and feel like a young girl should.”

“The wig has just completely changed her life” said Kendra.