NSW Variety Presents Sunshine Coach to Bourke and District Children’s Services

Giving is what the Variety Bash is all about, and what better way to celebrate that on the 30th year anniversary then presenting a Variety Sunshine Coach to Bourke and District Children’s Services.

The preschool cares for 85 children, most of which do not have family vehicles. Barry, the school’s bus driver, was making two or three round trips daily to take the kids to and from pre-school but the old bus finally had to be retired. Variety and the Shirley Ward Foundation are very pleased to donate the gift of mobility to this great service so they can continue their work with these beautiful children.

In my volunteer role as a Grants Committee Member specialising in Sunshine Coaches this organisation was my responsibility. It was a very proud moment to see this coach presented and the children it serves.

2014 Bourke Sunshine Coach Presentation

2014 Alexandra Ritchi Bourke