Scrutineering – Chequepoint Day – July 29

Sunny Sunday July 29 you could have found a VERY long line of Bash cars, all ready for the Mobile Workshop checks and handing in all those cheques and meal money to the Bash office at Hunter Holden, NorWest – Castle Hill. It was an lesson in Bash lineups – hurry up and wait!

Little Pigs and Car 10/10 waiting, waiting…

Little Pigs passed with a small minor rear axle seal leak to be attended too. Best to do that before we head up the Cape!!!

The long wait was softened by a an inpromptu Greek coffee stop. Thanks again Andrew Car 2214 Trojans.

Greek Coffee again…

The lovely gold Oldsmobile and Navy – push starting the cars already!

Bucketty and Beyond – July 21 Pre Bash Run

Saturday July 21 was the day for the ‘virgins’ and other Bash cars to get out on some dirt and test out those brakes, radios, horns and crew skills. Littles Pigs had two test ‘virgin’s pigs along for the day friends of Tracy’s – Alana and Charlie. Charlie is from the fair USA so enjoyed seeing some of our great convict heritage and countryside.

Test Virgin Pigs – Alana and Charlie and Virgin MW Jim Broughton and the lovely Marg

Wisemans Ferry Punt

Women at Work and the Pigs

This was our fifth year and the biggest group so far. 22 Bash Cars – including 7 ‘virgin’ crews and 4 – 4WDS as back up enjoyed a challening and lovely day in the Hawkesbury area. We left from Dural Village Car Park and had our traditional coffee stop at the Old St Albans Cemetery with delicious coffee provided by K9 and the Trojans.

Old St Albans Cemetary Coffee Stop

Greek Coffee with a little extra – thanks Andrew

Jan, Jan and not a Jan

Lunch was at Settlers Arms Hotel est 1863 and it was a leisurely stop, with some enjoying the stone rooms at the back of the pub by the fire and others braving the cool weather outside.

K9, Batmobile and Car 30 – Settlers Arms Hotel, St Albans

The obligatory raffle raised almost $700.

From St Albans we went up to Bucketty, via Mogo on a great stretch of dirt, windy roads along the McDonald River and a steep climb to a quick stop at a piece of the Great North Walk.

Effie and Crazy Horse

Angels and more at St Albans

This year we added a section through Murrays Run Road and the Watagan National Forest with another stop for coffee at Olney State Headquarters.

A few mishaps provide some variety 66TP had an axle fail in the morning, but all fixed in half an hour and another ‘virgin’ crew which will rename anonymous ran out of fuel – “I was sure the second tank was full!!”

A great day was had by all. Plenty of ideas for next year’s adventure day out!

Pigs Like to Party – Pink Party July 6

Friday, July 6 saw the 3 Little Pigs hold their first Pink Party at Avenue on Chifley wine bar in Sydney CBD. they are a new sponsor this year and we are glad to have them on board.

We raised just over $3,000 for the kids with a raffle and auctions with items provided by

Executive Edge Travel – 2 return tickets Sydney/Gold Coast
Lotus Botanica
Bristol and Brooks
Bacco Restaurant
Azuma Restaurant
Chifley Plaza Pharmacy
Daily Planet Newsagency
Varese Shoes and Bags
Pieree Haddad Hair Management
Oxford Landing Wines

A BIG thank you to them all and to all who atended and bid successfully and paid $$$ for the kids.

Planning another one but in summer next year! See you there!

Pink Party – Sallymae & Tracy

Nick Fury came along and added some more pink!

Avenue on Chifley in pink

Wishing Tree

Ladies Lingerie Party Success – June 30

June 30 we ran our first Intimo Lingerie Party at Tracy’s place in Stanmore. Over 25 attended and there was lots of champagne, laughs and lovely food. Dana, Helen and Amanda our fabulous consultant’s provided expert fitttings.

Intimo Lingerie

Shirley from Car 11 bought along a wonderful range of bags, jewellry and scarves! We all went away with something special for our wardrobe.

Special thanks to Lana for providing a Pink Velvet Pink Pig cake for afternoon tea.

Lana’s Famous Pink Velvet Cake – yummy!!

We raised over $800 for the kids!

Bucketty and Beyond July 21 – test run completed

Last weekend Car 333 trusty Hamlet with Sallymae and Angel Pig Andrea Benton, accompanied by Garry and Joanne Williams in their faithful ’64’ 4WD completed the July 21 route for the pre bash Bucketty and Beyond day. It is going to be fabulous – plenty of challenges for all the cars wanting to test out the cars and especially Virgin crews. Lots of dirt and fun!


It was a very wet day in the end, so we were able to test out sliding and braking, especially from the Settlers Arm Hotel lunch stop to Bucketty. They are looking forward to us coming and will open the Hotel early for lunch.


We then did a challenging section through the Watagan State Forest and stopped at Olney Forest Headquarters.

Hamlet at Olney showing a mud smile!

See you on Saturday, July 21 at 8.30 am at Dural Village Car Park, Old Northern Road!

“Going full boar”

Car 333 has been featured in the Northern District Times, Sydney suburban newspaper – August 3.  The journalist has taken a bit of a twist  and made Sallymae out to be a rally driver/rev head, but that’s not totally true.  But all good publicity for Variety and our colourful car and fabulous crew!!!

Going full board for a rally good cause - August 3


Week O

One four more sleeps and the Bash cars will be setting of from Total Homemake Centre, Bella Vista in the Baulkham Hills Shire – heading for Buccaneer Rock in Roebuck Bay near Broome only  5,833 kms.  Our longest day will be 756 kms from Inverell to Charleville. 

Come and see us off – first car leaves at 8.30 am.  There will be lots of fun, colour, music and giveaways for the children – much like a travelling circus leaving town!

My spare bedroom has exploded in pink!!!  Packing in earnest tonight.

Let pink rule!

 Hamlet the HR has had the duco polished and windows sparkled.  

Thanks Mint Car Wash, North Ryde




Chequepoint/Scrutineering Day

Pigs passed with flying colours and spent several sunny hours queueing at Castle Hill Holden before the checks and hoist treatment by the Mobile Workshops (MWs).  Thanks guys for your time and tips about improving our cars for the Bash.

Cars 333, Bees and 451 - all built by Mal Cutler Smash Repairs - just around the corner


Only 2 hours waiting - almost there, just a couple more hand brake starts....

Pink Pigs St Albans Day Out July 2011

Well the day dawned misty and grey and 15 Bash cars, friends and supporters met at Hargreaves Nursery for the fifth year we have run a Virgin’s Bash Day out.

The first stop was at Wisemans Ferry and then to meet up with cars from the Central Coast and then onto a “Coffee Stop” by the faithful guys of K9 Rob & Geoff.

St Albans Day Out K9 Coffee Stop

Vittoria and Mud cake anyone?


A fun time meeting new and old Bashers

 We love to block the road.

Virgin Pig Cheryl looking in the pink!

The whole point of the day is to rest out cars and let new drivers, virgins get used to the old cars and try them out on some dirt road.  We got plenty of that and some lovely muddy slippery kms from St Albans to Bucketty

2011 Bash Crew - Cheryl, Tracy, Sallymae - missing in action Brendon


The Pigs with our trusty MW7 Garry

Part of the trip goes very close to the Great North Road.  Here is a shots of the old convict road that goes from Sydney to Newcastle.

Great North Road near Bucketty








And then were three pigs!

Success – we have found a new crew member for Car 333 – Brendon Morron all the way from Auckland, New Zealand.  He is a fantastic addition to the crew – a fine driver and handy with the spanners!  Brendon drove a Busload of Aussies in the 20th Aniversary of the NZ Bash in March 2010 from Christchurch to Auckland. 

Welcome Brendon – the Little Pigs have some adventures for you in August!